dimarts, 12 de juny de 2012

Carta desde Battlefront (Resposta a la enviada per la Lliga)

Hola Jogadors,

Thank you for your kinds words and thank you for supporting our game. Spain has grown into one of key European markets over the last few years and with your help and a little bit of work from Ricard he is going to be able to bring you our new boxed game version of FOW and the V3 trio of rulebooks all in Spanish later this year.

Although you are obviously all more than capable of playing with English books the Spanish version will help you recruit even more players into your ranks :)

I hope you are enjoying the first of our Ardennes books and with two more to come later this year and Jagdtigers due out 2012 will be a big year for FOW.
Thank you again for your support,

John-Paul Brisigotti